Project Partners

Funding Body

Steirische Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft m.b.H

We want to be useful. Dynamic and courageous and in our actions comprehensible for you. Because we manage public funds, our work is characterised by great care. We want to radiate joy and infect you with our curiosity. We come from the future, because since the day before yesterday we have been thinking about the day after tomorrow. Today we are tackling the issues for the business location and all small and large companies in the country.

Scientific Partners

JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH

JOR-MAT will lead the Smart@Surface consortium and will thus be responsible for the overall project and resources management.


A team of around 80 researchers provides interdisciplinary solutions across the entire development value chain – from the idea to the prototype – using cutting edge technologies and methods based on miniaturization, integration and materials optimization. Combined with state-of-the-art equipment and infrastructure MATERIALS offers innovative solutions and services tailored to the needs of business and industry. More than 20 years of close cooperation with leading research institutions such as the Austrian based Graz University of Technology or the University of Leoben enables JOR to continuously improve and extend the portfolio of expertise. The international scientific and industrial collaboration of JOR is a long proven success story being confirmed in many joint national and international projects.

Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

The École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) is one of the two Swiss Federal Polytechnical Schools. Ranked top 3 in Europe and top 20 worldwide in many scientific rankings, EPFL is a multi-cultural institution fostering innovation and excellence. The Microsystems for Space Technologies Lab at the EPFL (EPFL-LMTS), led by Prof Herbert Shea, is focused on stretchable compliant sensors, actuators and transducers. The group of 15 scientists is particularly well known for novel and robust microfabrication techniques for highly integrated compliant devices, from µm to cm-scale, combining MEMS technologies with additive manufacturing, printing, and rapid prototyping. EPFL-LMTS is widely recognized as one of the leading Dielectric Elastomer Actuator (DEA) groups in the world, with unique expertise in miniaturizing soft actuators and in compliant electrode technology.


Imec is an independent research center in microelectronics founded by the Flemish Government intended to be an "international center of excellence", to reinforce the local industry, to cooperate intensely with Flemish universities and to provide industrial training in ICT. Imec’s activities include new chips production processes, microsystems and new electronic components, development of solar cells and plastic electronics, new design methodologies with a focus on embedded systems design for wireless and multimedia tools, and new packaging technologies.

The work in this project will be performed at Imec’s Centre for Microsystems Technology (CMST), located at the University of Ghent. CMST is designing and developing microsystems such as implantable devices, smart contact lenses, optical sensors or devices for IoT, making use of a number of technology platforms such as flexible and stretchable electronics, opto-electronic packaging, polymer waveguides, liquid crystal technology, microfluidics, ASIC design or thin chip packaging, bringing together expertise from electronics, mechanics, physics and chemistry.

Montanuniversität Leoben / Chair of Polymer Processing

The Chair of Polymer Processing as part of the Department of Polymer Engineering and Science at Montanuniversität Leoben covers the following main topics: Extrusion, Injection molding, Additive manufacturing, Compounding, Material data measurement, Recycling, Process simulation. The Chair keeps a balanced mix of fundamental and applied research with the goal to effectively transfer research results to practical application. In the field of injection molding, which is specifically relevant for the project, the combination of experimental work, material characterization and process simulation within one location enables in-depth research considering all three interacting aspects.

Company Partners

ADA Möbelwerke Holding AG

The ADA furniture factory, founded around 1900, with its headquarters in eastern Styria, is one of the leading manufacturers of upholstered furniture, beds and mattresses in Europe. Precision, care and attention to detail are the key factors and guarantee high-quality and functionally thought-out products in perfect workmanship. Starting at the company's own sawmill, through to production, packaging and delivery - almost all processes are carried out in-house. Design and craftsmanship encounter computer-controlled production technology, while precision and care play an equally important role as customer-oriented production times. Under different brands ADA manufactures upholstered furniture from start-up facilities to the premium sector in four factories in Austria, Hungary and Romania.

F/List GmbH

A Austrian family business, located in Thomasberg, Lower Austria, F/LIST is a leading company in manufacturing exclusive aircraft interiors (for OEM, VVIP and cabin refurbishments & retrofits), outfits objects, cruise ships and luxury yachts.  With an export rate of over 90 % F/List has been successfully active around the world as a business and as a manufacturer. F/List has a strong emphasis on novel and high-risk product developments. In 2016, the company F/LIST made it into the final with the first wooden floor certified for use in the aircraft cabin. F/List has been safeguarding the main production site in Austria and expanding globally by setting up facilities in Germany, Brazil, Canada and the US.

Isosport Verbundteile GmbH

Isosport Verbundbauteile GmbH, a company of Constantia Industries AG, was founded in 1969, and is the world's leading manufacturer of ski and snowboard materials made of plastics. Isokon, our company in Slovenske Konjice (Slovenia) was integrated into the company in 1995. Embedded in Constantia Industries AG, we distribute our innovative products in more than 40 countries worldwide. Several production plants and strategic cooperations give us the flexibility to be a reliable partner to our customers.

kdg opticomp GmbH

The company started as a division of the kdg mediatech GmbH and has more than thirty years of experience in high-precision optical injection molding under cleanroom conditions. We do not just regard us as a manufacturer of optical storage media (CDAudios, CD-ROMs, DVDs, Blue-Rays until August 2017), but also aspire to be a high-tech organization with a full range of services. Developed on this base, we started the production of high-end optical devices by injection molding, which are applied in lighting, medical and technical applications. Since 01.12.2016, the kdg opticomp became an independent GmbH and is ever since open to new developments in high-end applications.

Niebling GmbH

Niebling delivers both sophisticated forming machinery as well as forming and trimming tools in highest precision out of the in-house workshops to both automotive tier 1 suppliers and countless consumer electronics manufacturers. Connected with a strong partner network, Niebling GmbH provides any kind of competencies around IML/FIM decoration process and forming technology for a wide range of applications in various industries worldwide for more than 20 years. All process steps can be studied in an own prototype lab under the technical advice of experienced process engineers. Niebling is located in Southern Germany, about 40 min south of Munich.

Parador GmbH

Parador GmbH founded in 1977 with 550 employees is a modern, established manufacturer of innovative residential and construction products, which are used as pure design elements for private living areas and commercial environments. The product groups include laminate and modular flooring, multi-layer parquet and ceiling panels. Parador offers premium quality ›Made in Germany and >Made in Austria<. Many years of experience provide the foundation for this combined with the relentless drive to further develop the expertise in all relevant areas.

Swarovski Optik KG

SWAROVSKI OPTIK manufactures and develops long-range optical instruments (binoculars, spotting scope, accessories). Together with the Crystal business unit and Tyrolit, the company is part of the Swarovski Group, which is owned by the Swarovski family. The company (about 8000 employees) produces exclusively at the headquarters in Absam / Tyrol. SWA manufactures products that encourage people to experience nature, to appreciate its value, to commune with it, and to ensure its continuity. In other words, the company’s business is about the long-term vision in every respect.

Wollsdorf Leder Schmidt & Co GmbH

Wollsdorf Leather Schmidt & Co Ltd. is an Austrian tannery that was founded in 1936 and has established itself as a very experienced and successful producer of high quality bovine leather. WOL products are made of the finest European cattle hides in a fully integrated, CO²-neutral production facility in Austria. WOL specializes in supplying leather for the automobile, furniture and aircraft sectors and is a reliable partner with a global presence and, as one of the leading leather producers in Europe, the firm supplies quality products for the world market. Top quality products, excellent service, on-time delivery, innovation and know-how, as well as being the market leader for steering wheel leather mean that Wollsdorf Leder is the ideal partner for customers in the industrial and design sectors. Quality starts with the firm’s careful selection of its suppliers and extends over the entire manufacturing process. These result in producing exclusive leather that meets the high expectations of its customers. To ensure the leading position WOL is focused on innovations and development of novel, functional or smart leather products to face the demand of future business markets.